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This site started out as a project many years ago as an "idea" based off and various Texas HS football websites. At the time no one was covering Arizona HS football but media and newpapers. I first covered college football, and Montana HS football back in 2002. The "Arizona HS football project" was first started in 2003 as a Community College class assignment, when it first covered Tucson/Southern AZ football only. It was on angelfire.comfor a many years starting in 2005. The site eventually branched out to now. It became a .com officially in April 2013 after 10 years of development and fact checking(that was really needed).

If you have scores, coaches, corrections, new information, or anything that may be added to the site then please send them my way. You can send information to me via email in any format. There will be a future facebook site and forum board on this site. ((contact))

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