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A big thanks to Bob Freese, docent and researcher at the Gila County Historical Museum, located in Globe. For the Miami Vandals, Globe Tigers, St Marys Knights and the Ray Bearcats information.

6 man records:
I found a new project to play with. Gilbert moved up to 11 man in 1954, and after 1956 Benson, Wickenburg, Bagdad, Willcox, Ray, Hayden, Marana, and Tombstone all moved up. Giving Grand Canyon, Ash Fork, and Orme the tempory football powers Central until lakeside and McNary developes in the Central. Thus starting the famous 1000 mile league. Patagonia and St David would dominate the south after 1955. This will probably get rewritten later into a write-up when i have more time. With stats and articles included. For now this is what I got done right now.
All-State picks (50-57)
Central South


Coolidge Bears is now updated back 1935. (Completed) Benson Bobcats is now updated back 1949.
And the St John Paul II Lions are now online.
2020 rankings
AIA official rankings:
-6A -5A -4A -3A -2A -1A
-(8)-Desert Edge 0 vs (1)-Chandler 52
-(7)-Corona del Sol 0 vs (2)-Hamilton 50
-(6)-Salpointe F vs (3)-Saguaro
-(5)-Liberty 25 vs (4)-Centennial 24
-(5)-Liberty 34 vs (1)-Chandler 35
-(6)-Salpointe 14 vs (2)-Hamilton 58
-(2)-Hamilton 21 vs vs (1)-Chandler 23
-(8)-Shadow Ridge 22 vs (1)-Boulder Creek 38
-(7)-Chaparral 26 vs (2)-Queen Creek 8
-(6)-Basha 21 vs (3)-0 Connor 27
-(5)-Casteel 20 vs (4)-Highland 30
-(4)-Highland 35 vs (1)-Boulder Creek 28
-(7)-Chaparral 31 vs (3)-O'connor 14
-(7)-Chaparral 24 vs vs (4)-Highland 14
-(8)-Verrado 14 vs (1)-Sunrise Mtn 35
-(7)-Notre Dame 42 vs (2)-Sunnyslope 7
-(6)-Ironwood 35 vs (3)-Desert Mtn 30
-(5)-Campo Verde 38 vs (4)-Cactus Shadows 14
-(5)-Campo Verde 3 vs (1)-Sunrise Mtn 28
-(7)-Notre Dame 22 vs (6)-Ironwood 41
-(6)-Ironwood 20 vs (1)-Sunrise Mtn 42
Play-in Game
-(16)-Washington -- vs (1)-Mesquite -F-
-(15)-Lake Havasu 28 vs (2)-Casa Grande 62
-(14)-Estrella Foothills 22 vs (3)-Coconino 35
-(13)-Prescott 7 vs (4)-Cactus 59
-(12)-Flagstaff 21 vs (5)-ALA-Queen Creek 58
-(11)-St Marys 14 vs (6)-Poston Butte 7
-(10)-Marcos de Niza 7 vs (7)-Northwest Chr. 21
-(9)-Peoria -F- vs (8)-Apache Junction --
-(8)-Peoria 30 vs (1)-Casa Grande 47
-(7)-St Marys 14 vs (2)-ALA-Queen Creek 40
-(6)-Northwest Chr. 10 vs (3)-Mesquite 27
-(5)-Coconino 7 vs (4)-Cactus 41
-(4)-Cactus 35 vs(1)-Casa Grande 13
-(3)-Mesquite 19 vs (2)-ALA-Queen Creek 16
-(4)-Cactus 38 vs (3)-Mesquite 39
Im still working on the 6 man/8 man stuff. More will get uploaded later. I should have more time during the holiday break to get more online.
And here is the current college players with season stats I could find on ESPN college football section.
(Future NFL Players)
Pima Roughriders is now updated back 1948.
St David Tigers is now updated back 1947.
Elfrida is now online.

And the Patagonia Lobos is now online.

Play-in Game
-(16)-Bourgade 0 vs (1)-Yuma Cath.49
-(15)-Dysart 21 vs (2)-Snowflake 63
-(14)-Gilbert Chr. 7 vs (3)-Pusch Ridge 49
-(13)-Safford 8 vs (4)-ALA-Gilbert 35
-(12)-Thatcher 27 vs (5)-AZ Coll. Prep 33
-(11)-River Valley 27 vs (6)-Phoenix Chr. 56
-(10)-Wickenburg 12 vs (7)-Blue Ridge 7
-(9)-Round Valley 21 vs (8)-Valley Chr. 20
-(8)-Thatcher 20 vs (1)-Yuma Cath. 43
-(7)-Phoenix Chr. 21 vs (2)-Snowflake 38
-(6)Round Valley 15 vs (3)-ALA-Gilbert 38
-(5)-Wickenburg 6 vs (4)-Pusch Ridge 35
-(4)-Pusch Ridge 20 vs (1)-Yuma Cath. 36
-(3)-ALA-Gilbert 27 vs (2)-Snowflake 28
-(2)-Snowflake 38 vs (1)-Yuma Cath. 14

Play-in Game
-(16)-Pima 7 vs (1)-Benson 28
-(15)-SanTan Charter 12 vs (2)Scottsdale Chr. 42
-(14)-Veritas Prep 6 vs (3)-Santa Cruz 60
-(13)-Willcox 8 vs (4)-Arizona Luth. 41
-(12)-Seq. Pathway -- vs (5)-Morenci -F-
-(11)-Glendale Prep 20 vs (6)-Parker 56
-(10)-St Johns 21 vs (7)-Chandler Prep 14
-(9)-Miami 42 vs (8)-Scottsdale Prep 60
-(8-)-Morenci vs (1)-Benson F
-(7)-St Johns 22 vs (2)-Scottsdale Chr. 21
-(6)-Scottsdale Prep 6 vs (3)-Santa Cruz 55
-(5)-Parker 30 vs (4)-Arizona Luth. 32
-(4)-Arizona Luth. 27 vs (1)-Benson 34
-(7)-St Johns 20 vs (3)-Santa Cruz 27
-(3)-Santa Cruz 42 vs (1)-Benson 7
1A Playoffs
-(n1)-Mogollon 50 at (s2)-San Manuel 6
-(s1)-St David 20 at (n2)-Williams 38
-(w1)-Bagdad 62 at (e2)-Tempe Prep 20
-(e1)-Superior 76 at (w2)-Anthem Prep 20
-(n1)-Mogollon 78 vs (w1)-Bagdad 12
-(e1)-Superior 26 vs (n2)-Williams 44
-(n1)-Mogollon 38 vs (n2)-Williams 30

The purpose of the Arizona Football Archives is to highlight and document the 2020 season and previous history of High School Football in Arizona. Over the past 10 years I have gathered a number of scores covering over 50+ years of results and various records and pictures. I will also attempt to collect junior college football records and stats in the future, but the High School section come first. I will add a playoff history page and a couple other things soon.

The ultimate goal is to gather and document scores from every game or stat record ever played in Arizona. The information gathered here is available to press and fans free of charge. All I ask is that you reference the site if you use information contained within. That will allow the site to grow, corrections to be made and make more people aware of the site.

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