My WAY TO EARLY 2021 draft projections. I dont make mock drafts.
Looking into future draft projections, Trevor Lawrence is almost the Jax Jaguar QB. Hamilcar Rashed(Cesar Chavez HS,Chandler HS/Oregon St) is now projecting as a late 1st round pick, on a few expert mock drafts. He played at Cesar Chavez til his junior year, then transfered to Chandler HS his senior year. He is considered more of a 2nd or 3rd rnd pick on most, but he is a rising prospect on many draft lists. CB Chase Lucas (Chandler HS/Arizona St) projects as a 5-7 round pick. WR Johnny Johnson (Chandler HS/Oregon) also projects as a 5-7 round pick. And former ASU kicker Brandon Ruiz(Williams Field HS), now at Mississippi St is projecting as a 7th round or high priority FA. There is a collection of senior centers this year too. Cade Cote(ASU),Kaden Lyles(Wisconsin),Josh McCauley(Arizona),Nate Eldridge(Oregon St). None of them project to be drafted at this point.

The other big news, Brock Purdy (Perry HS/Iowa St) is staying for his senior year 2021. This year he was viewed as the 7th best QB prospect after Trask and and another junior announced. Purdy elevated the Iowa State to a top 10 program and there best year since 2000(9-3). Iowa state won the Fiesta Bowl, over Tyle Shough's Oregon Ducks.And he was the Fiesta bowl MVP. Purdy has set or tied 25 Iowa St records so far. In another year he will own them all. He is also a Davey O'Brien QB watch list for top QB's.
Next year he still projects to be drafted in the first 3 rounds, but there are less QB's next year with super high projections. There could be 3 Arizona prep QB's in the draft next yer.

As for future drafts. QB's Spencer Rattler(Oklahoma) and Kedin Slovis(USC) both project as high draft picks in 2022 draft. Both will be juniors next year. Rattler has always had high projections, being an Oklahoma QB. But Slovis has went from USC rotation guy to a 2-3 rounder to a maybe high 1st. Some suggesting he is the best overall. He took the job from higher ceiling QB's and outshown them statiscally and in leadership skills since his debut as a freshman. A very noted point by a few experts. More mock draft have Slovis rising up the draft, more mocks having him top 10 now. Rattler is maintaining his position.

CB Kelee Ringo (Saguaro HS/Georgia) and RB Bijan Robinson(Salpointe HS/Texas) project as high picks for 2023 draft. QB Tyler Shough(Hamilton HS/Oregon) is starting to get mentioned as a 1st round pick for the 2023 draft also. I have seen his name come up in the 2022 draft also. Ringo hasn't played this year because of a shoulder injury. Next year is his chance to shine. Ringo was the #1 recruit in 2020 and has been a high projection since graduating high school.

Bijan Robinson has by far been the best premier freshman RB in the football nation. No one has stopped him yet, and he still has 2 years to draft eligibility. Robinson ran for 172 yards, 19.1 average, 3 TD's and 52 more yards receiving against Kansas State. Then against Colorado in the bowl game he ran for 183 yards, 1 td and 37 rec yards, 2 more td's. Assisting 2 RB's decision to transfer out of Texas so far.
As for Shough, he wasn't even the definite starter at Oregon until a week before the season started. He has suprised many and has been noticed by scouts. He is also a rising sophmore now. And Sophmore Jack plummer has come up a little in some discussions too. but not as a projected pick yet, but he is a rising prospect. His 3 games are below in the stats.

Also, with Grant Gunnell transferring out to Memphis. Rhett Rodriguez(junior) and Will Plummer(freshman) get a chance to be the Wildcat starter next year.
DL Brett Johnson (California) and DL Tyler Johnson(Arizona St) both have put up nice numbers as sophmores. WR Jake Smith and DL Ty Robinson(Nebraska) has also put up nice numbers and was very effective as freshman. Expect all of them to get more attention in the future.

As for 2024 and 2025, there is a lot of redshirt freshman from 2019 and 2020 not getting field time. A possibility of added year of eligibility based on playing time to schools not fielding teams because of covid-19 screwing up the 2020 season. Which adds another year to graduate and be eligilble immediately after transfer. Which can effect their draft status depending on where they transfer to. Idaho, NAU, New Mexico State, some non power 5 conferences schools did not field teams in 2020.

College Stats
QB Brock Purdy (Perry HS/Iowa St)
243/365 66.6 2750 yds 19 td 9 int / 87 car 382 4.4 5
QB Spencer Rattler (Pinnacle HS/Oklahoma)
214/317 67.5 3031 yds 28 td 7 int / 81 car 160 2.0 5
QB Kedin Slovis (Desert Mountain HS/USC)
177/264 1921 yds 17 td 7 int
QB Tyler Shough (Hamilton HS/Oregon)
106/167 63.5 1559 yds 13 td 6 int / 66 car 271 4.1 2 td
QB Jack Plummer (Gilbert HS/Purdue)
88/124 71% 938 yds 8 td 2 int / 16 car 22 yds 1 td
QB Will Plummer (Gilbert HS/Arizona)
43/80 53.8 388 yds 0 td 3 int / 29 car 95 yds
QB Chubba Purdy (Perry HS/Florida St)
27/53 219 yds 2 td 1 int / 19 car 57 yds
QB Rhett Rodriguez (Catalina Foothills HS/Arizona)
7/16 43.8 52 yds 0 td 2 int / 1 car 5 yds
QB Kare Lyles (Saguaro HS/S Illinois)
15/27 157 yds 1 td 2 int (only scheduled game)
QB Jack Miller (Chaparral HS/Ohio St)
QB Jacob Conover (Chandler HS/BYU)
QB Gunner Cruz (Casteel HS/Washington St)
QB Spencer Brasch (Higley HS/California)
QB Trenton Bourguet (Marana HS/Arizona St)
QB Jake Farrell (Notre Dame HS/Hawaii)
QB Tyler Beverett (Saguaro HS/Bucknell)

RB Bijan Robinson (Salpointe HS/Texas)
86 car 703 yds 8.3 4 td/ 15 196 13.1 2
RB Drake Anderson (Chandler HS/Northwestern)
62 car 256 yds yds 4.1 2 td / 4 rec 28 yds
RB Jawhar Jordan (Hamilton HS/Syracuse)
29 car 72 yds 2.5 0 td / 5 red 34 yds
RB DeCarlos Brooks (Chandler HS/California)
RB TJ Green (Chandler HS/Utah(17-19),Liberty(21))
RB Mario Padilla (Salpointe HS/Mississippi(19-20),???(21))
RB Deonce Elliott (Red Mountain HS/Arizona St)
RB Alex Escobar (Centennial HS/New Mexico St)
RB Juwaun Price (Peoria HS/New Mexico St)
RB Roshaun Johnson (Desert Edge HS/Idaho)
RB Zidane Thomas (Centennial HS/San Diego St)

WR Gunner Romney (Chandler HS/BYU)
39 rec 767 yds 19.7 2 td
WR Jacob Cowing (Maricopa HS/UTEP)
41 rec 691 yds 16.9 3 td
WR Kwame Lassiter (Hamilton HS/Kansas)
43 rec 458 yds yd 10.7 2 td
WR Jake Smith (Notre Dame HS/Texas)
23 rec 294 yds 12.8 3 td
WR Stanley Berryhill (Mountain View(t) HS/Arizona)
23 rec 227 yds 9.9 3 td
WR Jamarye Joiner (Cienega HS/Arizona)
12 rec 111 yds 9.2 1 td
WR Drew Dixon (Sabino HS/Arizona)
3 rec 48 yds 16.0 0 td
WR Johnny Johnson (Chandler HS/Oregon)
19 rec 267 yds 14.1 2 td
WR Kolby Taylor (Chandler HS/Oregon St)
20 rec 224 yds 11.2 1 td
WR Solomon Enis (North Canyon HS/Utah)
11 rec 108 yds 9.8 1 td
WR Brendan Rice (Hamilton HS/Colorado)
6 rec 120 yds 22.0 2 td
WR Kade Warner (Desert Mtn HS/Nebraska)
5 rec 40 yds 8.0 0 td
WR Ricky Pearsall (Corona del Sol HS/Arizona St)
6 rec 86 yds 14.3 1 td (*)
WR D'shayne James (Perry HS/Iowa St)
WR Khyheem Waleed (Casteel HS/Boise St)
WR Aiden Lee (Desert Ridge HS/California)
WR Tommy Christakos (Chaparral HS/California)
WR Dyelan Miller (Centennial HS/Arizona)
WR Andre Johnson (Tolleson HS/Arizona St) (1 rec 35 yds)
WR Josh Hart (Salpointe HS/Arizona St)
WR Kaleb Covington (Pinnacle HS/Idaho)
WR Hayden Hatten (Pinnacle HS,Saguaro HS/Idaho)
WR Daseau Puffer (Chandler HS/Idaho)
TE Byrce Wolma (Chandler HS/Arizona)
TE Braden Liebrock (Chandler HS/Texas) (2 rec 11 yds)
TE James Sosinski (Hamilton HS/Kansas) (1 rec 5 yds)
TE Casey Hatch (Perry HS/Arizona St) (2 rec 29 yds)
TE Carter Wheat (Red Mountain HS/BYU) (4 rec 74 yds)
TE Curtis Hodges (Mountain View(m) HS/Arizona St) (3 rec 98 yds 1 td)
TE Matt Bushman (Sabino HS/BYU) (injured)
TE Jared Poplawski (Saguaro HS/Colorado)
TE Dez Melton (Deer Valley HS/Louisville)
TE Connor Witthoft (Salpointe HS/New Mexico)
TE Tyler Roebuck (Thatcher HS/New Mexico St)
TE Dalton Cash (Pinnacle HS/Idaho)
TE Broc Lane (Perry HS/Utah St)
TE Alex Lines (Higley HS/UNLV)
TE Casey Clanton (Central HS/Ohio)
TE Jay Rudolph (Horizon HS/San Diego St)
TE Kyle Patterson (Perry HS/Air Force)
9 rec 140 yds 15.5 1 td (*)

C Cade Cote (Williams Field HS/Arizona St) starting
C Kaden Lyles (Saguaro HS/Wisconsin) starting
C Josh McCauley (Red Mountain HS/Arizona) starting
C Nate Eldridge (Boulder Creek HS/Arizona 16-18,Oregon St(19-20) starting
OL Chandon Herring (Perry HS/BYU) Starting
OL Jordan Morgan (Marana HS/Arizona) starting
OL Micah Vanderpool (Central HS/Hawaii) starting
OL Tyler Stevens (Hamilton HS/San Jose St) starting
OL Matteo Mele (Salpointe HS/Washington)
OL Jaylon Jeffers (Saguaro HS/Oregon)
OL Cooper Darling (Williams Field HS/Oregon St)
OL Dylan Mayginnes (Hamilton HS/Washington St)
OL Hunter Mayginnes (Hamilton HS/Washington St)
OL Tosh Baker (Pinnacle HS/Notre Dame)
OL AJ Mageo (Red Mountain HS/USC)
OL Andrew Milek (Brophy HS/USC)
OL Brayden Rohme (Perry HS/California)
OL Bruna Fina (Salpointe HS/UCLA)
OL Noah Nelson (Williams Field HS/Oklahoma)
OL Cade Bennett (Notre Dame HS/Oklahoma St)
OL Tyson Gardner (Queen Creek HS/Arizona)
OL Steven Bailey (Centennial HS/Arizona)
OL David Watson (Amphi HS/Arizona)
OL Darrell Branch (Higley HS/Arizona)
OL Jacob Bracamonte (Tucson HS/Arizona)
OL Kyle Breed (Ironwood Ridge HS/Arizona St)
OL Marco Salas (Dobson HS/Arizona St)
OL Kolbe Stuckwisch (Gibert HS/Arizona St)
OL Ralph Frias (Safford HS/Arizona St)
OL Roman Dewys (Basha HS/Arizona St)
OL Isiah Mursalot (Horizon HS/New Mexico St)
OL Jacob Franklin (Centennial HS/New Mexico St)
OL Colin Dreis (Salpointe HS/Montana)
OL Sean Anderson (Verrado HS/Montana)
OL Cole Motes (Thatcher HS/Utah St)
OL Ilm Manning (Apollo HS/Hawaii)
OL Jelani Newman (Saguaro HS/San Jose St)
OL Andrew Rumary (Valley Vista HS/UC Davis)

DT Brett Johnson (Desert Vista HS/California) 19 T 1.5 Sack
DT DJ Davidson (Desert Ridge/Arizona St) 19 T, 1 sack
DT Roy Lopez (Mesquite HS/New Mexico (17-19),Arizona(20)) 18 T 1 Sack
DT Kolo Uasike (Skyline HS/UNLV) 17 T 2 S
DT Aaron Blackwell (Liberty HS/New Mexico (17-19),Arizona(20)) 6 T
DT Mathew Pola-Mau (Chandler HS/Kansas St) --
DT Nassir Sims (Desert Edge HS/San Diego St) --

DE Tyler Johnson (Highland HS/Arizona St) 17 T 5 sacks
DE Ty Robinson (Higley HS/Nebraska) 14 T
DE Garrett Rand (Hamilton HS/Wisconsin) 13 T
DE Odua Isabor (St Marys HS/UCLA) 6 T
DE Anthonie Cooper (Millennium HS/Arizona St) 2 T
DE Connor Murphy (Brophy Prep HS/USC) 1 T
DE Giovanni Miranda (Saguaro HS/Nevada) 1 T
DE Cosmos Kwete (Central HS/Washington St 2019, NAU 2020) --
DE Seth Robinson (Saguaro HS/UNLV) --
DE Regen Terry (Florence HS/Arizona) --
DE Alexander Randle (Red Mountain HS/Arizona St) --
DE Corey Stephens (Saguaro HS/Arizona St) --
DE Justin Segura (Horizon HS/New Mexico St) --
DE Malakai Williams (ALA-QC HS/Idaho) --

LB Rourke Freeburg (Desert Mountain/Arizona) 21 T
LB Jalen Harris (Desert Ridge HS/Arizona) 18 T
LB Hamilcar Rashed(Chandler HS/Oregon St) 23 T
LB Kyle Soelle (Saguaro/Arizona St) 26 T,1 FR, 1 int
LB Josiah Bradley (Saguaro/Nevada) 8 T
LB Caleb Humphrey (Desert Vista/Air Force) 5 T
LB Braxton Croteau (Liberty/California) 8 T
LB Will Schaffer (Saguaro/Arizona St) 2 T
LB Ryan Puskas (Liberty/California) --
LB Reggie Terry (Florence/Boston Coll.) --
LB Bralen Trice (O'connor/Washington) --
LB Trent Strong (Salpointe/SMU) --
LB Jason Harris (Higley/Colorado) --
LB Damian Sellers (Saguaro/UCLA) --
LB Joquarri Price (Desert Ridge/UCLA) --
LB Jeremiah Trojan (Hamilton/UCLA) --
LB Caleb McRae (Mountain View(t)/Arizona) --
LB Tate Romney (Chandler/BYU) --
LB Eric Marsh (Desert Edge/New Mexico St) --
LB Sully Shannon (Brophy/Idaho) --
LB Hogan Hatten (Pinnacle HS Saguaro HS/Idaho) --

S Isiah Pola-Mau (Mountain Pointe HS/USC) 40 Tackles,3 FR,1 int
DB Corvan Taylor (Gilbert HS/Air Force) 33 T 2 int
DB Noah Williams (Brophy HS/Arizona St) 3 T
DB Chase Lucas (Chandler HS/Arizona St) 15 T
DB Bryce Jackson (Chandler HS/UNLV) 42 T
DB Micah Harper (Basha HS/BYU) 25 T, 1 FR
DB Noa Pola-Gates (Williams Field HS/Nebraska) 3 T
DB Kieran Clark (Centennial HS/Nevada) 9 T
DB Dominique Hampton (Centennial HS/Washington) 1 T
DB Lathan Ransom (Salpointe HS/Ohio St) 4 T
DB Donjae Logan (Desert Ridge HS/Stanford) 5 T
DB Connor Soelle (Saguaro HS/Arizona St) 5 T
DB Lacarea Pleasant-Johnson (Mountain Pointe HS/Utah) --
DB Kenny Churchwell (Mountain Pointe HS/UCLA) --
DB Kelee Ringo (Saguaro HS/Georgia) --
DB Jacobe Covington (Saguaro HS/Washington) --
DB Gunner Maldonado (Chandler HS/Northwestern) --
DB KJ Jarrell (Saguaro HS/Arizona St) --
DB Jean Boyd (Corona del Sol HS/Arizona St) --
DB Alijah Gammage (Desert Vista HS/Arizona St) --
DB Connor Lewis (Boulder Creek HS/Arizona St) --
DB Trey Cartledge (Notre Dame HS/Arizona) --
DB Jaydin Young (Centennial HS/Arizona) --
DB Treyden Stukes (Millennium HS/Arizona) --
DB Mason Moran (Chandler HS/Oregon St) --
DB Brandon Shivers (Saguaro HS/New Mexico St) --
DB Justin Stinson (Valley Chr. HS/New Mexico St) --
DB Zeke Robbins (Chandler HS/Nevada) --
DB Avery Carrington (Chandler HS/Nevada) --

K Brayden Narveson (Desert Mountain HS/Western Kentucky)
13/14 FG, 27/27 XP 66 pnts
K Connor Culp (Desert Vista HS/Nebraska)
13/15 FG, 20/23 XP 59 pnts
K Brandon Ruiz (Williams Field HS/Arizona St(17-18)Mississippi St(20))
10/12 FG, 24/24 XP 54 pnts
K Christian Zendejas (Perry HS/Arizona St)
2/4 fg 9/9 xp 15 pnts
K Robert Liss (Verrado HS/Colorado St)
4/7 FG, 11/11 XP 23 pnts
K Parker Lewis (Saguaro HS/USC)
9/13 FG, 23/23XP 50 pnts
P Elijah Fischer (Brophy Prep HS/San Jose St)
P Riley Erickson (Desert Vista HS/Weber St)
P Kyle Ostendorp (Desert Vista HS/Arizona)

LS Adam Bay (Desert Ridge HS/Wisconsin) starting
LS Slater Zellers (Notre Dame HS/California) starting
LS Ross Reiter (Brophy Prep HS/Colorado St) starting
LS Bernard Turner (Mountain Ridge HS/San Diego St) starting
LS Jayden Green (Mesa HS/Washington) starting
LS Kobe Hathcock (Desert Ridge HS/Iowa St) starting
LS Eric Dickerson (Chaparral HS/Arizona St) starting
LS Brandon Pada (Mountain Ridge HS/Arizona St) starting
LS Rex Goossen (Brophy HS/UNLV) starting
LS Travis Drosos (Perry HS/Colorado)

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