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New Draft Picks!!!
WR Christian Kirk (Saguaro hs/Texas A&M) Cardinals #47
CB Isiah Oliver (Brophy Prep/Colorado) Falcons #58
TE Mark Andrews (Desert Mountain HS/Oklahoma) Ravens # 86
QB Kyle Allen (Desert Mountain HS/Houston) Panthers FA
CB Levi Wallace (Tucson HS/Alabama) Bills FA
CB Ryan McKinley (Boulder Creek HS/Montana) Titans FA
TE Jake Roh (Chaparral/Boise St) Falcons FA

Possible Late Draft Picks/ Free Agents
RB Kani Benoit (Thunderbird/Oregon)
DE Qualen Cunningham (Hamilton/Texas A&M)
OT Layth Friekh (Centennial/Arizona)
OG Kenny Lacy (Mountain Pointe/UCLA)

2017 rankings -AFA Rankings
AIA official rankings:
-6A -5A -4A -3A -2A -1A

-(8)-Highland 7 at (1)-Mountain Pointe 44
-(5)-Hamilton 14 at (4)-Perry 72
-(6)-Pinnacle 52 at (3)-Chandler 77
-(15)-Westview 7 at (7)-Red Mountain 31

-(4)-Perry 56 vs (1)-Mountain Pointe 31
-(7)-Red Mountain 10 vs (3)-Chandler 51

Championship (U of A 12/02)
-(4)-Perry 42 vs (3)-Chandler 49


-(9)-Marana 35 at (1)-Cienega 38
-(5)-Queen Creek 31 at (4)-Notre Dame 34
-(6)-Ironwood Ridge 28 at (3)-Liberty 42
-(10)-Chaparral 27 at (2)-Centennial 34

-(4)-Notre Dame 37 vs (1)-Cienega 34
-(3)-Liberty 37 vs (2)-Centennial 42

Championship (U of A 12/02)
-(4)-Notre Dame 21 vs (2)-Centennial 42


-(8)-Cactus Shadows 13 at (1)-Sunrise Mountain 49
-(5)-Cactus 14 at (4)-Salpointe 49
-(6)-Seton Cath. 19 at (3)-Higley 65
-(7)-Peoria 7 at (2)-Saguaro 56

-(4)-Salpointe 49 vs (1)-Sunrise Mountain 27
-(3)-Higley 31 vs (2)-Saguaro 37

Championship (U of A 12/02)
-(4)-Salpointe 7 vs (2)-Saguaro 28


-(8)-Northwest Chr. 6 at (1)-Pusch Ridge 42
-(5)-Sabino 31 at (4)-Ben Franklin 35
-(6)-Florence 26 at (3)-Casteel 35
-(7)-Yuma Cath. 21 at (2)-Leadership Academy 28

Semi's (Campo Verde HS 11/18)
-(4)-Ben Franklin 7 vs (1)-Pusch Ridge 47
-(3)-Casteel 28 vs (2)-Leadership Academy 21

Championship (Campo Verde HS 11/25)
-(3)-Casteel 35 vs (1)-Pusch Ridge 28


-(8)-Morenci 7 at (1)-Round Valley 45
-(5)-Scottsdale Chr. 12 at (4)-Santa Cruz 47
-(6)-St Johns 14 at (3)-Thatcher 55
-(10)-Tempe Prep 15 at (2)-Phoenix Chr. 58

Semi's (Fountain Hills HS 11/18)
-(4)-Santa Cruz 24 vs (1)-Round Valley 21
-(3)-Thatcher 40 vs (2)-Phoenix Chr. 14

Championship (Campo Verde HS 11/25)
-(4)-Santa Cruz 27 vs (3)-Thatcher 28

1A Playoffs
1st Round
-(9)Hayden 30 at (8)Fort Thomas 20
-(12)Salome 72 at (5)Mayer 42
-(11)Joseph City 26 at (6)Trivium Prep 28
-(10)Elfrida 0 at (7)Ray 50

-(9)Hayden 28 at (1)Mogollon 73
-(12)Salome 6 at (4)Williams 58
-(6)Trivium Prep 34 at (3)Superior 36
-(7)Ray 58 plays at (2)Bagdad 90

Semi's (Maricopa HS)
-(4-Williams 64 vs (1)Mogollon 52
-(3)Superior 44 vs (2)Bagdad 34

Championship (Maricopa HS)
-(4)-Williams 57 vs (3)Superior 14

The purpose of the Arizona Football Archives is to highlight and document the 2015 season and previous history of High School Football in Arizona. Over the past 10 years I have gathered a number of scores covering over 50+ years of results and various records and pictures. I will also attempt to collect junior college football records and stats in the future, but the High School section come first. I will add a playoff history page and a couple other things soon.

The ultimate goal is to gather and document scores from every game or stat record ever played in Arizona. The information gathered here is available to press and fans free of charge. All I ask is that you reference the site if you use information contained within. That will allow the site to grow, corrections to be made and make more people aware of the site.

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